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Melissa Malenky is a certified yoga teacher who's passionate about helping others create the lives they want to live.

Like most Mom’s Melissa was dealing with stress of raising kids, having a job, being a wife, and finding time for herself.

Then she discovered Yoga!

Little did she know how life transforming it would be.

She started when her children were young and it helped her deal with parenting, creating more space for patience, and gave her a healthy outlet and time away.

She fell in Love so much with the transformation that she decided to become a Certified Yoga teacher herself.

Helping hundreds of people already since 2015.  Students of all ages have benefited and she can’t wait to bring it to even more people with this brand new program.

Melissa likes to keep it simple and challenging, meeting you where you are. This will be an all levels class so no need to be intimidated of you're new.
If you’re experienced you’ll fit right in and be able to follow along no problem!

Here are some workshops we are also coming up with!

Yoga for Stress
Yoga for Pain & Tension
Building into Inversions 
Kids Yoga

Have a suggestion for a workshop you’d like?
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