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30 Day Confidence Course
Only $100

Elevate your confidence and kick off the school year with our exclusive 30-day Martial Arts Confidence Course! Unleash your inner strength and boost your self-assurance through expert guidance and empowering techniques. Join us for an invigorating journey that combines martial arts discipline with personal growth. This limited-time Back-to-School Special offers you the chance to enroll for just $100. Don't miss this opportunity to cultivate confidence that will serve you both on and off the mat. Grab your spot today and embark on a transformative adventure with us!



Ninjas -Ages 3-6
Monday 4:30
Tuesday 5:00
Wednesday 3:30
Thursday 5:00

Beginners Ages 7-14
Monday 5:00
Tuesday 5:30
Wednesday 4:00
Thursday 5:30
First class by appointment only.

New students Only

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